Who Gives A Twit? Ashton Kutcher, Rainn Wilson and Rumer Willis Tweet

Celebrating her private kids clothing label, Little Seeds, the original sitcom little seed herself, Soleil Moon Frye was partying last night with her bff’s, the King and Queen of the Twitterverse, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Someone should open a store where you can buy celebrities. This picture shows they come in tall, medium and short.

Leave it to comedian Jim Gaffigan to hit on something none of us have ever questioned. “Why is it every1 can do an Arnold Shwarzenegger impression, but Shwarzenegger can’t do an impression of some1 that can pronounce California” Great point, Jim. However on the reverse of that theory, I sat next to Arnold at The Palm once and heard him order a side of steamed “caly-flower.” Maybe his problem is neurological? That might explain a lot of things.

Not twitting since June 6th (in the twitter world that’s equivalent to 9 years) Sharon Osbourne was back on the twit yesterday updating us about her and the mister doing a series in England where they voice the thoughts of animals. “Ozzy and I to lend our voices to the BBC show ‘Walk on the Wild Side’” Ozzy got a show where he does the voice over for talking animals? How do you tell the difference?

When he’s not busy on his 500 acre ranch in Nashville (500 acres? And we all scoffed at Achy Breaky Heart) or filming ‘Hannah Montana’, Billy Ray Cyrus twitted an answer to one of his Thrillbilly followers regarding his new feature alongside Heather Locklear. “Yes you are correct.The movie “Flyin By” is out and available allmost everywhere movies are sold or rented.” What about in the theater? Was it ever available there? P.S. Bill, I had to look it up to find out that Heather Locklear is in it. Twit that, it gives me a valid reason to rent it.

Enjoy the T’weekend tweeps!!!!!!!

Rumer Willis @8:42PM 7/6/09: I miss preschool when I had mandatory nap time.” Lou Diamond Phillips @12:25PM 7/9/09: Oooh…LDP doesn’t get tweeted by other celebs! Just a man of the people, I guess! Keeping it real!” Rainn Wilson @10:43AM 7/10/09: I’m on Letterman tonight plugging my new cooking show, “Toaster Chef!” Thanks to Burberry for making me look like Clooney.” Richard Branson @4:22AM 7/9/09: I’m sorry if I’ve ruffled a few Aussie feathers with my message… maybe the truth hurt! C’mon England” Russell Simmons @7:52AM 7/10/09: Fight gay bashin.” Star Jones @ 9:57AM 7/10/09: Nothing takes away from his talent , the tragedy or the loss for his family & friends…but establishing the cause of death is the focus now” Kevin Nealon @ 7:59 PM 7/10/09: Amazing! Wow! No celebrity deaths reported in the last 24 hours!”

Good point, Kevin. Thanks for the update.

What do I give a Twit about? I watched a tribute last night to ‘Pitchman”s BIlly Mays, the late great Billy Mays. Check out these clips of the master.

Tweet out!!

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