Z Rock Boys Open Up On New Season

IFC’s original, semi-scripted, hit comedy series ‘Z Rock‘ is currently in the midst of its second season. The show is loosely based on the real lives of a New York based rock band – brothers David Z and Paulie Z, and their friend Joey Cassata. They are the band ZO2 by night, but by day they are the Z Brothers, a kids’ party band. In season two, we’ve seen them go through the ups and downs of chasing the rock and roll dream, all the while giving viewers a hysterical and satirical look at the process. Fancast sat down recently with the boys to get their takes on the current season, what’s coming up next, plus future guest stars they’re dying to have on the show.

Tell me what we can expect from this Sunday’s episode with Chris Jericho. I know he’s one of you guys’ favorites…

Joey: Chris Jericho is one of the best guests we’ve had. Being a professional wrestler, he really knows how to improv and create humor & mayhem at the same time. Here’s a little spoiler for the upcoming episode: Chris and I get into an argument and it doesn’t end well for Chris!!

What’s been the biggest adjustment so far from Season 1 to Season 2???

Joey: I think we really feel more comfortable this season as actors. Our real personalities are starting to show themselves in the episodes. We get to goof around and improv more than ever.

Have you guys noticed your fanbase changing now that you have a TV Show???

David: Not changing, but definitely growing. It’s nice to see the blend of fans that have been with us from the beginning mixed with all the new fans that are just finding out about us through Z Rock.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Z-Rock/100568/1169645627/Z-Rock-Episode%3A-202%2C-Clip-1/embed 580 476]

Any celebrity fans/crazy fan stories???

David: We found out that Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater was a big fan of the show and actually went out and bought our CD. That was a great compliment for us because we’re huge Dream Theater fans. He was supposed to be on episode 7 of this season but it didn’t happened due to scheduling conflicts. He did however tell his buddy Chris Jericho about Z Rock, which is how Chris knew about the show. It’s very cool when a guest star comes on and already knows about the band and the show.

What can you tell us about the season finale with Joan Rivers? ?

Paulie: Well, I don’t’ want to give too much away, but I do have an intimate scene with Joan where it gets physical for a second or two. How many people in the world can actually say that? Not too many I bet.

The show is based on your actual past. What was it like to be children’s entertainers???

Paulie: It was frustrating on one hand because it was a means to an end, but it was good on the other hand because it gave us a lot of flexibility and allowed us to make enough money to fund ZO2.

Who is the most like their “character” on the show? The least???

Joey: I believe I am most like my character. I’m not acting 96% of the time. All those little things I do and say are just Joeyisms!! Least like I would say Jay Oakerson. Nobody can really have the hots for Paulie like he does.

Explain what Lynne Koplitz brings to the show as Dina…

David: She’s the glue that ties everything together. She is a comic genius whose timing is impeccable. It’s a great balance to have a female manager with the three of us because it brings an entirely different dynamic and she plays the role perfectly.

Who would win in a battle between Bunny and Leela vs. Muffin and Murphy vs. Buffy and Precious???

Joey: Well considering that Bunny & Leela are tiny rabbits and Muffin & Murphy are the two smallest dogs in creation and Precious & Buffy are lean, mean fighting cat machines ,I would have to say Precious & Buffy!! Much like their owner would take down Paul & Dave.

Who were your comedic influences growing up???

Paulie: I really loved comedians who were physical and/or did impressions. Some of my favorites were Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld, Andrew Dice Clay.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Z-Rock/100568/1169641799/Z-Rock-Episode%3A-201/embed 580 476]

What was it like touring with KISS and Poison? Have you kept in touch with the bands???

David: It was everything you can imagine and more. All the raunchy tour stories you always hear about actually exist. It was our first tour so we soaked in every bit of it. We have remained friendly with both bands and have played with them several times since the tour.

What guest star would you love to have on next season – who’s at the top of the wish list?

Paulie: I’d love to have Spinal Tap on the show because they are masters of improv and they’ve set the bar for a show like ours. They were the originators of this music/comedy/improv format and I’d love to say I got to work with the best!

What other guest stars can we look forward to the rest of this season?

David: Warren Sapp, Steel Panther, Eddie Trunk, Constantine Maroulis, John Popper, Patrice O’Neal, Marky Ramone.

Remember to tune in Sunday night at 11pm ET for a brand new episode of Z Rock on IFC.

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