‘Harper’s Island’ Groom Is The Killer

CBS’s murder mystery series ‘Harper’s Island‘ concluded Saturday night with the stunning revelation that Henry Dunn (the groom) was the killer. He was working with John Wakefield, the serial killer that terrorized the island seven years earlier and presumed dead. It was revealed that Henry was adopted and that Wakefield was indeed his real father.

The final two hours of the series upped the body count even more, with Danny (the college friend), Sully (the best man), and most tragically, Trish (the bride) all biting the bullet. Trish was stabbed to death (in her wedding dress nonetheless) by her groom-to-be Henry.

Henry turned against his father’s wishes however, by refusing to kill Abby, his childhood friend and crush (and creepily, his half sister.) He instead killed his father and took Abby off to live “happily ever after”. This didn’t go as planned though, when Abby’s former flame Jimmy helped save the day and Abby ended up killing Henry. The only other survivors from the island were Shea (the maid of honor) and her bizarre young daughter Madison (the flower girl).

Chat with Henry the killer (Christopher Gorham) and Abby the survivor (Elaine Cassidy) Tuesday at 1pm ET right here on Fancast.

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