The Fashion Show Exit Interview: Johnny Goes Marching Home

After weeks of speculation that he was ready to leave – and a matching Tarot card reading to the former week’s departing designer, Merlin – Wednesday night Johnny Rodriguez exited The Fashion Show with a dress that even he will agree was a blatant Lanvin knockoff. Johnny answered a few questions about his experience on the show via email. Below, his thoughts on Reco, why he said Angel sabotaged him, and the truth as to whether or not he really wanted to go.

You seemed ready to go from early on, is that true? No, I didn’t want to go home. When they originally cast me for the show they knew what my skills were lacking in sewing and pattern making and then they tried to hold it against me on the show when they were just stating the obvious. So, I refused to stay there if they were going to continue humiliating me so that is why I said for them to send me home.

Do you believe in Tarot cards now that you and Merlin got the same card and both were eliminated? I’m sure there’s some truth to it somewhere…but not my cup of tea…

What was your relationship like with Reco? There seemed to be a lot of tense moments between you two. Do you think he deserved to go home instead? Reco and I had a really strong relationship in the beginning, but unfortunately, the competition got the worst of him. It seemed like he tried to create drama on the show because he loves the spotlight and I refused to give into him and develop a storyline. I think he deserved to stay though. He is a very talented designer and needed the show as an outlet, but he will always be a small town boy.

Was it difficult watching the episode last night, knowing the outcome? Totally…I knew what happened but, was terrified on how they were going to edit it all…it was all a bit humiliating and embarrassing….I was actually screaming at the tv watching it…like “Johnny what are you thinking?” I can’t believe I did a knock-off…how did I not notice it….

Do you think in the end Angel tried to sabotage you? If so, why? Angel had loyalty towards Reco and James-Paul …so she was in an awkward position…I also felt that she was a bit envious of my position in the competition…but, she was extremely helpful in executing the dress…..

Do you regret your decision to make something so similar to the Lavin dress? And if so, what would you have done differently? Totally. But the final product wasn’t the original concept. Isaac wasn’t happy with the original direction I was going in. So, I quickly revised the dress. My intentions were never to create a knock-off. I wish I would have gone with my original concept and not tried something new in such an important elimination challenge. I should have stayed more within my comfort zone.

Have you stayed in touch with anyone from the show? Who? Speak with my girls Haven, Daniella, and Anna regularly….Actually me and Haven went out a few nights ago out on the town…

Do you feel like being on this show has helped you in your career? It has definitely given me a lot of public exposure, but hasn’t had a huge impact within the industry.

What are you doing now? I am currently developing a new women’s contemporary line called “Digital Hearts” also have a few special projects in the works…

If you could sum up your experience on the show in one word, what would it be? Unrealistic…

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