Michael & Michael Have Issues, Never Before Seen Elmo Pics, India’s Got Super Mario

Have you been following Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black’s “Michael & Michael Have Issuesblog? You probably should start, since their new show premieres tomorrow!

This is pretty funny: The Real Life Elmo Photos You’ve Never Seen

True Blood‘s Michelle Forbes gave a great interview about the inspiration behind Maryann

Apparently Holly Madison married the Travelocity Gnome

This old Tab commercial from the 70s reminds me a lot of Mad Men, but not in a good way

Who hasn’t dreamed of appearing on Antiques Roadshow with a whole bunch of random old junk, only to discover it’s worth a million dollars? Well, it actually happened to this couple

A video has surfaced of Celine Dion performing Michael Jackson’s Bad in full on MJ wig and costume, which just furthers the point that Celine Dion is crazy.

Wow! Some contestants in “India’s Got Talent” decided to reenact a level from Super Mario Brothers

Remember how cool Etch A Sketches were? Check out these Etch A Sketch renderings of celebrities

And finally, what exactly is Ted Danson doing here?

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