Lindsay Lohan Succeeds In Latest Film

There are two old sayings that came to mind when I read the Hollywoord Reporter review of Lindsay Lohan’s latest movie, Labor Pains, which premieres – not in any theater – but on ABC Family this Sunday.

First, the old adage “Turning chicken [poop] into chicken salad.” and the second, perhaps more relevant one, “Lindsay Lohan denies accusations of (fill in the blank)”

While the latter may not be old enough to qualify here, it is way more popular as Lohan has struggled recently to get a job – any job – to show the world that she can still deliver on screen. Well, at least according to the Hollywood Reporter, she can.

Pains succeeds because of Lohan. As Thea, a publishing-house secretary living on the financial brink who rashly lies that she’s pregnant just before her boss fires her, Lohan is a bright light in the center of an otherwise fair-to-middling telefilm (once destined for theatrical release). She’s paired with the delightfully sardonic Cheryl Hines, and the two provide a chemical camaraderie that lifts the script from its ‘Three’s Company’ premise.

All good to hear because there is a place for Lohan on the big screen and if she, along with the always-lovable Hines, can turn movie of the week into something that impresses, there may be hope for the just-turned 23-year-old.

Also, if you’re freaked about the “poop” referenced above, then this flick may not be for you – its got quite a few references to it.

Labor Pains premieres this Sunday at 8/7c on ABC family and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 4th.

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