Gerard Butler On Jennifer Aniston: “We’re Very Much In Love”

Gerard Butler, who is shooting a movie with Jennifer Aniston and on the cover of a tabloid as her latest beau, came clean (wink-wink) last night to Conan O’Brien about their relationship.

“We’re very much in love,” he deadpanned to ‘The Tonight Show‘ host, and then added, “Especially her.”

Trying hard not to laugh, Butler continued: “We’re tying the knot next Thursday. And then on Saturday I’m marrying Cameron Diaz.”

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The actor was clearly joking about any serious relationship with the former ‘Friend.’ The two are starring in “The Bounty,” now shooting in New York City. The Star tabloid put them on the cover together, intimating their on-screen chemistry was carrying on off-camera, too. “She says Gerard is a great kisser,” they quoted an unnamed source.

Take that with a grain of salt. Or perhaps a whole handful of salt.

Butler does.

When O’Brien asked if he enjoyed being thought of as a sex symbol, Butler pondered the question. Then with perfect timing, he said, “Do I enjoy it? I’m above it. I’m a serious actor.” Then he paused to reconsider. “No, I need it,” he said. “I crave it.”

Bottom line; Butler is a very funny man.

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