Weekend Double Feature: Romance of a Different Sort

Fancast Weekend Double Feature

Enough with the blowing up of things and the shooting of things and all the noises. In the post-Potter cooldown, let’s enjoy instead some rather unique romantic stories instead, shall we? So as not to shift gears too quickly, we’ll start with an odd comedy that still has some fantasy to it – Prelude to a Kiss, starring Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin, which uses that time-honored movie tradition of body-switching. Then we’ll follow it up with something a bit more adult – A Modern Affair, starring Lisa Eichhorn as a woman who tries to beat her biological clock via artificial insemination, and then gets insatiably curious about who the father of her child really is.

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Prelude to a Kiss
Alec Baldwin stars as Peter Hoskins, a low-key guy who works in publishing scientific journals who meets and somehow falls in love with a free-spirited bartender named Rita (Meg Ryan). Things go swimmingly until their wedding day, when a strange and sickly old man (Sydney Walker) crashes their wedding reception and magically manages to transfer his soul to Rita’s body while leaving her trapped in his. It’s then up to Peter to figure out what’s gone wrong with his new bride, and how to put it right again. Ned Beatty, Kathy Bates, Patty Duke, Stanley Tucci and Rocky Carroll also star.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/movies/A-Modern-Affair/33177/955726780/A-Modern-Affair/embed 420 355]

A Modern Affair
Here, we get a wry comic look at the dilemma that every single woman eventually faces – staring down their biological clock. Grace Rhodes (Lisa Eichhorn) is a career woman who’s managed to accomplish most everything she wanted to do in her professional endeavors, but her personal life remains empty as she approaches her 40s. Her cynical friend Elaine (Caroline Aaron) convinces her to forgo trying to find a perfect man and instead visit a sperm bank and just have a child on her own, cutting out the middle man (and the middling men that have been their experience). It’s a suggestion Grace eventually follows, but once she’s actually pregnant, she can’t stop wondering about who the baby’s father is. With a bit of skullduggery, she discovers her donor is a commitment-phobic man named Peter Kessler (Stanley Tucci), a photographer running an art gallery. When Grace meets Peter, a very tentative relationship begins between them, leaving Grace torn about whether or not to tell him the full truth.

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