TLC Develops New Obesity-Themed Reality Show

TLC is tackling some very big issues in an all new series.

The new show, ‘One Big Happy Family,‘ will focus on morbidly obese families living their every day lives.

The yet unnamed family will consist of a 40-year old man who is 340 pounds, his 400 pound wife and their two teenagers – who are both around 350 pounds.

“High school is hard enough to deal with — imagine what it would be like to be morbidly obese,” said show producer Mike Duffy. “This is a very loving family,” he said. “They are dedicated to losing the weight because they communicate as well as love each other so much.”

There are several other obesity-related series on the air, like Oxygen’s ‘Ruby,’ which follows the charismatic protagonist as she loses a great deal of weight, and NBC’s ‘Biggest Loser,’ which pits obese participants against each other for a grand prize.

But the similarities end there. “This is not a game show where contestants have TV trainers and obesity specialists everyday as they are competing for a $250,000 prize,” Duffy said. “This is about big people living in a little world — fat people living in a skinny world.”

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