Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is Engaged!

It’s officially a match between the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, and her boyfriend Andy Friedman; they’re engaged!

Stanger, the star of The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, confirmed the news to Fancast today. “I was kind of surprised; people had hinted to me but I didn’t take it seriously; we’ve been going out for five years.”

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Five and a half years to be exact, which should shut up some of those critics wondering when the famous matchmaker would follow her own advice and get hitched.

Friedman, 51, popped the question in Maui, Hawaii, where the couple was celebrating her 48th birthday, this past May. And all you guys out there take note, he set a high bar with the proposal, complete with the help of a black swan named Raymond.

“The hotel we were staying at had a black swan, and swans mate for life, and [the swan’s] girlfriend had died the year before, so he’s protective of this little area where Andy had a 4 course meal served to me with its own private waiter,” she said of the scene. “And the swan just kept hanging out with us and wouldn’t leave us alone and Andy put the ring on the table and the swan went for it and pushed it towards me.”

As for the ring, Stanger cleared it up that it is four carats, as part of her system that an engagement ring should be “four carats after the first year, then a carat a year,” she said. “Perez Hilton has it wrong; do the math – we’re going out five years. It’s four carats.”

And those four carats were placed in a ring designed by Friedman himself. “Actually he had been planning it for six months; he wanted a non-conflict stone and was waiting for the right stone from Israel that wasn’t a blood diamond and he actually designed the entire ring.”

As for a date, the happy couple are thinking about a 2010 wedding, but that’s all they’ve agreed on at this point. “He wants a big wedding and I would love to elope. My family lives on the east coast and his family lives here so we’re going to have to figure out some kind of hotel destination wedding where everyone can come out. We haven’t decided yet,” she said.

But upon further review, it seems she’s already caught some wedding fever. “I’m thinking of maybe Palos Verde, that new hotel that opened up. Something with a beach, cliffy, kind of feel; I want a beach party.”

Stanger is also quick to remind us all that the secret to her success lies in her own dating mantras seen on her show…and in her new book. “I used my book, “Become Your Own Matchmaker” to to meet my fiancee. I used all all those steps and hired my own private matchmaker to find him. Girls will know that there’s hope!”

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