Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Comic-Con, Comic-Con, Comic-Con. And Some Other Stuff.

Heroes! FlashForward! Battlestar Galactica and Caprica! Dollhouse! V! True Blood! Vampire Diaries! FringeStargate Universe! Inevitably some good scoop coming from all of these shows, and more, thanks to Comic-Con 2009, now in full swing.

And, while it’s difficult to step out from mighty shadow cast by this momentous event, life goes on outside of San Diego, California…………just peer inside the Tardis for proof.  (OK, OK, so David Tennant will be appearing at Comic-Con, too.  Yes, fine – San Diego is the center of the known universe, for now.  Never mind.)

Anyway……read on:

Experience Comic-Con 2009 For Yourself!  Nearly!  Virtually, Anyway…….

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Comic-Con blog will be providing coverage of panels and exclusive interviews with some of the most buzzed shows and stars.  Just check in here for the latest.

Meanwhile, Syfy has re-created Eureka‘s coffee shop, Cafe Diem, at the Hard Rock Hotel, as evidenced here by Sci Fi Wire.  Syfy also offers up an iPhone application which brings together a constant stream of Comic-Con visuals, so for those of you with the ultimate uber-phone but NO convention passes, go stand somewhere crowded with lots of people in costume (Hollywood & Vine?  A fetish club?) whilst clutching your little friend, and it’s like you’re there.  You can even interview a Syfy star*!  Well, you can help………….by posting a question in the comments section here at Sci Fi Wire.

To round out your virtual Comic-Con experience, I09 also offers up a cool photo gallery and courteously provides a veritable who’s who listing of “twitterati” that will be keeping you in the loop in little 140 character increments.

With all these sights and sound bytes already coming at you, who needs the exorbitantly priced/scalped passes and agoraphobia-inciting excitement on top of it all??  (You do?  Yeah….. me too.)

Furry Freebie Frenzy

Surely the coolest Comic-Con giveaway (unless, of course, Naboo and Bollo are giving away some of their special baked goods at the Boosh appearance)  is what amounts to nothing more than an overgrown dust bunny, but yes – Paramount will be giving away Tribbles.  To whip us into even more of a furry fan frenzy, CBS is encouraging you to submit a picture of yourself with a Tribble (or two) in a “fun, interesting or unusual setting.”  (Cue the Tribble porn jokes.)

“Fun, interesting or unusual”?  Maybe a Tribble could infiltrate the next cast of “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”?  The inevitable drunken campfire rehashing of Shatner anecdotes might actually make that show worth watching.

This Weekend, The Doctor Is In…..So Are The Vampire, Werewolf and Ghost…….

For those not rubbing elbows with grown adults dressed like Cylons, BBC America has some appealing alternate ways to spend your weekend.  The incredibly riveting Torchwood:  Children of Earth miniseries wraps tonight at 9 p.m……and yes, the rave reviews have been well deserved.

Saturday at 9/8 c, BBCA presents Being Human – with a roommate situation that makes Real World look more like a houseful of catatonic nuns.  And Sunday, in Doctor Who:  Planet of The Dead, David Tennant finds himself stranded at the wrong bus stop (well, on any planet modified by the words “of the Dead,” I’m not sure there’s such a thing as the right bus stop, but….something tells us the good Doctor will pull through, somehow.)

Mark Your Calendars – Or, More Usefully, Your DVRs………

Further down the premiere pike, Syfy has announced the debut dates for Stargate Universe (October 2), Sanctuary (October 9) and Destination: Truth (September 9).

And ABC’s Eastwick debut has been penciled in for September 23.  Between now and then, director David Nutter expounds on what to expect, and what not to expect (nothing Charmed-y), from those three magic-making hot mamas in an interview over at Sci Fi Wire, where Nutter is proclaimed King of TV Pilots – and with shows like Roswell, Dark Angel, Tarzan, Millennium, Without a Trace, Smallville, Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and The Mentalist under his belt, it’d be a tough task to dispute his dibs on that title.

Who’s The Guy In The Cheesy Bow Tie

Meanwhile, also in a galaxy far far away (or at least nowhere near San Diego), Matt Smith has geared up as the new Doctor Who and is busy filming amazing acts of time travel, along with new Who sidekick Karen Gillan.  Den of Geek, by way of Blogtor Who, provides some groovy on-set shots of the new man in action.

And that’s that for this week.  See you next time!

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