Eat Your Heart Out: ‘Man vs. Food’ Returns

The annual Television Critics Association summer press tour began Tuesday in Pasadena, where the Travel Channel kicked things off by serving up their “Ambassador of Delicious,” Adam Richman.

In ‘Man vs. Food,’ hungry man Richman eats his way across the country highlighting the iconic local treats that weave the ‘food fabric’ of American culture.

With his monster appetite, the host takes on massive food challenges featuring each location’s specialty, like the Memphis Sasquatch burger, which is the size of a seat cushion, or the Horseshoe sandwich (not made from an actual horse, btw), unique to Springfield, Ill.

Critics were less interested in, say, the worst thing Richman has ever eaten (that would be the naga jolokia pepper aka ‘the ghost chili’) and more interested in the volume.

In a country full of overweight people, is it really a good idea to binge like that every week?

Richman was quick to defend the premise, saying the show does not promote overeating.

He stays “super vigilant” about his health and explains that exercise is the “single greatest tool in his arsenal.” The network provides him with a trainer on the road and he “works out like a beast before a quantity challenge,” in addition to taking supplements and staying hydrated (a tip from Hot Dog King Joey Chestnut).

Richman says his success in the challenges is due to two factors: “The taste is absolutely great, and I get so amped on the energy of the crowds.”

‘Man vs. Food’ returns Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

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