Morgan Spurlock on “Super Size Me,” 5 Years Later

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In 2004, Morgan Spurlock rose to fame with his documentary Super Size Me, wherein he ate at McDonald’s every day for a month and raised awareness of just how awful fast food is for the human body. Since that phenomenal hit, his career has soared with his TV series 30 Days and his recent film Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?, and he’s executive produced the Fancast Movie of the Week The Entrepreneur. But how does Spurlock feel about his big break five years later?

“I am still blown away at the response Super Size Me draws out of people to this day,” Spurlock says. “I meet teachers who use it in their classrooms, parents who show it to their children and doctors who prescribe it to their patients. It seems just as timely now as when we first made it and great films like Food, Inc. continue to bring attention to important topics such as nutrition and diet. I don’t think you can say that Super Size Me is the only reason restaurants suddenly offer healthier options, but I think the film did a great job helping people understand the ramifications of the choices they make. I haven’t set foot in a fast food restaurant since March 2, 2003 when I had my final meal at McDonald’s, but I still love a good burger.”

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