Overheard At TCA: Day 2

Day two at TCA was quite eventful, with a slew of stars like Matt Damon, Marisa Tomei, Paul Walker, Ice Cube, Peter Berg, Dennis Hopper, Joan Rivers, and Kevin Nealon (to name a few) all coming out in support of their upcoming projects. Below, a roundup of the best quotes overheard during today’s sessions:

I’m an actor, I’m used to being rejected.Matt Damon joking about the lengthy process of getting his History Channel special “The People Speak” greenlit.

I must have washed leper’s feet in a previous life. Joan Rivers (How’d You Get So Rich?) on her luck in continuing to get work.

A few months after, I went to go eat; and the maitre d’ was like, “Can I hug you?” I was like, “Okay, sure.” I was shocked by the amount of attention it got.Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein’s (Gone Too Far) surprise at the public’s response to his Sept. 2008 plane crash.

If we showed up at your door, think it would matter if we had cameras or not? — The physically intimidating Joe Panz (“Rescue Ink”) on whether video cameras are necessary to capture animal abusers.

I used to watch shows like “Gilligan’s Island,” you know, “Wild Wild West,” those type of shows. Thinking man shows.Kevin Nealon (Glenn Martin, DDS) on the TV shows he liked as a kid.

Some guys were not as well endowed as other guys. We had to create the “Kirk Douglass,” as it were; a prosthetic to make some actors feel comfortable. — Executive Producer Rob Tapert on helping his Spartacus: Blood and Sand actors feel more at home in their gladiator costumes.

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