Shayne Lamas Talks Life In The Lamas Family

Shayne Lamas stole viewers’ hearts on season 12 of ‘The Bachelor’ – including that of the bachelor himself Matt Grant, but soon let it go after a broken engagement. But she’s moved on from that stage in her life – to one where she’s the very funny star of her own show on E!

The new fall series, tentatively titled ‘The Lamas Family,’ will follow Shayne as she works, tries to find the right man, fights with her complicated family, and gets career advice from her famous father – once a sizzling heartthrob in his own right.

We talked to Shayne while she was in the middle of shooting days. She talked to us about kissing on the first date, issues that she faces with her brother A.J., and why she would not do ‘The Bachelor’ if she had to do it over.

What’s it like to have cameras following you around?
Filming is a lot of work. I mean people go ‘oh they’re filming your life, it is so easy. What do they do follow you around shopping?’ but it’s like no, absolutely not. They are following me around at this meeting, this photo shoot, with my family, this is going on with my dad, with my mom, with my sister, it’s craziness. It’s just a lot of work and it’s scary to know that everything that’s happening in my life will be shown to the world. But the beautiful thing about my family is that we’re really happy to do this and give the public the truth about everything.

What will we get to see?

There’s a storyline going on. The show is based on me and my family. It will capture what’s really going on publicly, private, etc.

What’s the most surprising thing we’ll see about you on camera?
They’re gonna be completely shocked that I film in sweats or I am speaking my mind, or I’m really trying to hold down the house and I’m only 23 years old. I am trying to deal with my dad, my mom, my sister and brother – the public will see how much I do take on in my life.

Sounds like you’re the boss in your family!
Yes, absolutely! But don’t tell my family I said that.

What was it like to be on ‘The Bachelor’
Whenever anybody thinks about it, that I was engaged, it’s crazy to think that it was kind of recent, because it feels so long ago. I would never do it now, but I don’t take it back. It was definitely an experience. I traveled, I met a great man, we got engaged, it didn’t work out. But it was a great experience.

Would you do anything different?

Probably not.

Do you still keep in touch with Matt Grant? (her fiance from ‘The Bachelor’)

Every once in a while, I’ll hear about him. He’ll text me, but we really don’t know each other anymore. I don’t really keep in touch with him, we might text every few months. Something like “I was just thinking about that time last year, how crazy it was,” you know, little things like that. He’s living his own life, and so am I, there are no hard feelings there.

What was the hardest part about that relationship? Was it the paparazzi?
I think it was the pressure that people were putting on us. They were saying “oh this has to work!” It was the microscope that we were under. Because if we didn’t work out, the press was gonna have a field day. It’s like ‘oh another Bachelor couple breaks up!’ and ‘Why did he chose a Hollywood starlet?’ I mean, I was 22. The whole paparazzi thing is new to me. It was definitely different. People would act as thought they knew me and they knew our relationship. They would say “Oh, don’t break up with him, he was good!” It’s like, no, you’re not living my life for me. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. It was the pressure of the media saying that it wasn’t gonna work.

Did you listen to all that stuff being said about you in magazines?
I don’t really read all that stuff. I don’t read blogs. It does get to you though. After all, I am human.

How about having him as a guest star on the show?

I think it would be too set up and fake. I would feel weird. Maybe if I ran into him and we had a drink. But I would never say ‘hey come over.’ It’s too set up. I’m not gonna give my viewers something that is fake. I want to give them what’s really going on and he’s not in my life right now.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I wake up, check my email, I train with my trainer for two hours, I have a house in Venice and I take my dog Madison for a walk down at the beach. We cruise around, maybe have some lunch, relax. I’m a very homebody-type person. When not working I like to calm down, read a book, go on a vacation, stuff like that.

Who would be your ideal guest star on the show?
Justin Timberlake can make an appearance aaaany time he wants! But I don’t think he would sing the release. (laughs)

Who would be your ideal non-celebrity guest star?
My grandmother. I would love to have her be on my show, she’s a fabulous woman.

Your grandfather is the great Fernando Lamas. Did you ever get to meet him?
No, he passed away before I was born. But I have learned so much about him from my parents and my grandmother, his history.

I saw him once on the ‘I Love Lucy Show.’
Oh my gosh yes! I saw that. I was laying in bed one day watching ‘I Love Lucy,’ which I love, and I see all of a sudden that my grandfather is on the show and he’s playing himself. It was so crazy, I couldn’t believe what I was watching! He was a heartthrob. It was a beautiful moment, it was so cool.

What’s it like to be part of Hollywood royalty?

It’s definitely so different growing up in the entertainment business, with your whole family being in it. Your family is public, everybody knows your history, I just sort of grew up with such a different outlook on life. I’ve become more humble growing up because I see the bad and good, I got it at such a young age. It helped me now, to walk into it with a good head on my shoulders, to be humble, and not go crazy. And just know that it’s a job and that the publicity is a job, and you’re gonna be photographed and that is also your job. But I love it, I love the biz, I love Hollywood. I really think people take what they are given, and if they do right with it it can be a beautiful thing.
And you face a different set of circumstances than someone who doesn’t come from an entertainment family.
It’s different, if somebody walks onto a set from, let’s say, Kansas, or something, and then is trusted into this Hollywood lifestyle. They can get addicted to the fame, to the money, the lifestyle. Then they lose it all because it sucks you in – fame and money suck you in. When everyone is calling your name it makes you feel a certain way. But when you’ve been around it all your life, you know there will be a point when that’s not gonna be the case. There are gonna be ups and downs. If you stay humble throughout the whole process, everything will be ok.

Has your dad given you advice on how to handle those ups and downs?

Absolutely. I mean, there was a period of about ten years when he was on top of the world. He had planes and cars and money, and amazing career, and everything he ever wanted. And then one day, it stopped. The jobs stopped and all of a sudden he was stuck. The money wasn’t coming in. Growing up and watching my parents with their ups and their downs, you learn that when you do get a job, it’s a job. Don’t go running around town saying “Oh, I’m so cool.” Just stay humble. It can be taken away from you any second.

Do you have a favorite project your dad has done?
I loved ‘Renegade,’ because I grew up on the set. I loved watching the shows because I would visit so when I would watch, I would be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I was there in that scene! Look, I’m hiding under the podium there’ or something. That was always really fun for me to watch. I loved watching him fight, riding on his motorcycle. My dad also sings, I love that. We just taped him singing the national anthem at the Dodger’s Game. It was incredible. He has so many talents that the audience will get to see that has never before been seen. So that’s what I’m excited for too.

Will you date on the show?
Well when they started filming, they came in and they just said, ‘we’ll shoot what you guys have going on right now.’ At the time when the show was planned, I had just broken up with my boyfriend. And gradually I started going out with guys. My friend Amy introduces me to a gentleman, we go on a date, and it’s all caught on camera. And it’s all real! But it really is real. The audience isn’t stupid nowadays, they know what’s real and what’s not. And this is real.

What’s your idea of the perfect guy?

A – Somebody who is not in the entertainment business. The one who is not in the biz can calm the other one down. B – he has to have a job and be passionate about it, and C – that he makes me laugh!

It’s so important, to have a guy who’s funny.
Yes, especially with me. I went over this one guy’s house the other day and I broke like three drinking glasses. I don’t try to be a klutz it just comes with it, it just comes with me! (laughs) It just has to be somebody who can laugh about it, and laugh with me. I’m not a serious person at all, I just like to have fun in life. Why be so serious? There’s no reason to be unless there is an important reason to be.

What kind of guy wouldn’t you touch with a ten-foot pole?

The type of guy who is so immersed in himself. The type of guy that you tell him something and you can just tell he’s thinking about 20 million other things and not really listening to you. I cannot stand those types of men.

I call those the BlackBerry guys.
Exactly! The blackberry guys. Is there really something so important on that phone that can’t wait? I just got an email, like two years ago. (laughs) I don’t deal with these electronic things very well.

What’s your perfect first date?
A nice dinner. A bottle of wine and a good kiss at the end. So yes, I do kiss on the first date! That means a lot! If the guy is a bad kisser, it might not work. There’s no point in even a second date if he’s not a good kisser.

What’s the perfect fourth date?

That would have to be a trip to Santa Barbara, a day at the beach, walking around shopping. Because you learn a lot about someone if you’re in the car with them for two hours. A fourth date that’s just a little trip, nothing crazy, no flying or anything, just a driving trip.

After a year of you doing this reality show, what would be your ideal non-reality show?

It would be like ‘I Love Lucy,’ exactly like that. Just funny, quirky, a cool comedy. I would love to remake that show! That would be my dream role.

And you could have your dad guest star, like your grandfather did.

I know that would be great!

Was your family into the show right away?
Absolutely not, it was hard to get my family on board. Basically at first it was about my life when we shot the pilot. Then my mom’s like ‘I’ll be on it,’ then my sister warmed up to the idea, and then my brother did. But at first he was unsure, he said he was an actor. It just started off with me then my family hopped on board. So you will see what goes down in this family.

Tell me a big moment we’ll get to see on the show.
Yesterday we had the cameras rolling. My brother and I had a huge fight, about the trash, him taking it out – and it escalated into more. I ended up breaking down crying, then you wake up and you go “oh my god that was just captured on five cameras!” That’s the crazy thing. We’re all actors, so we can tune out the cameras. I’m so close to my family too.

Do you watch any of the other E! shows?
Yeah, I watch ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ I think it’s amazing what the girls have done of themselves. And everyone respects that. I don’t know her but I watch the show.

How will your show be different?

Our show will be different  because we really capture the drama, the real stuff. If you’re gonna do a reality show, the audience knows what’s really going on. So we’re giving you a story about our life, about what’s really going on in our lives. We’re doing every day things but there’s a story about what’s going on. I also love ‘Girls Next Door,’ and I’m excited because we’re gonna air after their show! And their show does well! Will be a huge night! Friday nights at 10:30, so everyone watch!

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