Life as a Lamas Is Family Dysfunction at Its Best

Believe it or not, reality TV is about to spike to a new level of dysfunction.

Lorenzo Lamas, he of the acting family dynasty and ‘international heartthrob’ fame, is exposing his fractured family in a new E! reality show.

And if Thursday’s presentation at the TCA press tour is any indication, this is one outrageous crew that makes the Osbournes look like the Brady Bunch.

Take this recent example of the kind of family feuding going on in ‘The Lamas Life.’

News broke in July that Lorenzo’s ex-wife Shauna Sand cheated on him with his then teenage son A.J. Lamas.

And TV critics didn’t waste any time pouncing on that dicey matter. The shocking relationship was the first question asked at the panel.

A.J., now 25, deferred the hot topic to his father.

“All right. I don’t think there’s a relationship,” said Lorenzo. “Normally I don’t make comments, nor do I encourage my kids to make comments, on public stories and speculation. So I guess you will just have to watch the show to find out how we deal with that.”

The ‘Falcon Crest’ star did reveal that his relationship with his son is “strained” (ya think?) and admitted the two hadn’t seen each other “in a few years” before they started filming the show, which includes A.J. (an actor), sisters Shayne (an actress) and Dakota (a singer) and their mother Michele Smith, one of Lamas’ four ex-wives.

Which led to the obvious question, why do a reality show when the family is this bent out of shape?

“It was a chance to make things better,” says Lorenzo.

To wit, the show’s producer Mike Fleiss (‘The Bachelor’) then joked:

“There’s only one way to get a family back together and that’s on television,” says Fleiss. “That’s what the E! channel is all about, really.”

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‘The Lamas Life’ debuts in October on the E! channel.

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