Opening Wide: Funny People, Aliens in the Attic, The Collector

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Funny People
Judd Apatow’s latest film tries to delve into the reality of how comedians think and act, starring Adam Sandler as George Simmons, a prickish movie star (in a parody of his own film career) who learns he’s dying, Seth Rogen plays his aspiring comic assistant, and Leslie Mann plays the one who got away – and the one George will go after when he gets a second chance at life.

And now that it’s released, we can finally stop hearing that same Die Hard joke on TV every commercial break. It was pretty funny at first, but ye gods, man.

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The Collector
A thief who breaks into a family’s home to rob it discovers that there’s another person already there who’s planning something much, much, much, much worse to do to these innocent people, and his conscience gets the better of him.

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Aliens in the Attic
Ashley Tisdale’s family goes on a vacation to reconnect with each other only to find themselves having to fight off an alien invasion from little green guys that they can’t tell their parents about.

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