Katherine Heigl Regrets Insult, Sort Of

Katherine Heigl is known for speaking her mind. And for biting the hand that feeds her. And then getting into trouble for it.

The ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ star has been criticized in the past for publicly expressing her disappointment with the quality of the writing on the Top 10 show that made her a star.

When she jumped to the big screen and lucked out with landing a blockbuster hit–‘Knocked Up’–right out of the gate, she slammed the movie as ‘sexist’ in an interview.

Heigl admits in the upcoming issue of UK Marie Claire that she’s sorry for knocking the film…well, at least for doing it in print.

“If I was to say I wish I’d never made that comment about Knocked Up [being sexist], it’s not that I don’t feel the way I do about it, it’s just that it maybe didn’t need to be communicated via a magazine interview,” says Heigl.

Not sure if that twist on an ‘apology’ is going to satisfy Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, the director and costar of ‘Knocked Up,’ who didn’t think Katie’s comments were too cool.

“I gotta say it’s not like we’re the only people she said some batshit crazy things about,” said Rogen. “That’s kind of her bag now.”

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