Overheard At TCA: Day 4

It was a light day for panels here in Pasadena, Calif. After a few morning sessions with stars like Forrest Whitaker, Omarosa, and Al Reynolds (yes, that Al Reynolds), the rest of the afternoon was spent on the CBS/Paramount and Fox lots for set visits with the casts of NCIS: Los Angeles, Three Rivers, Bones and Dollhouse. Curious what everyone had to say?

Welcome back to the biggest surprise of my career: season two.Joss Whedon joking about the unexpected second season pickup of Dollhouse.

In high school it was the cool thing to do. It was like Yeah, whatever, take it.Alex O’Loughlin (Three Rivers) on when – and why – he became an organ donor.

I think anything can be overwhelming depending on the kind of day you’re having.David Boreanaz on whether he found the large Bones fan turnout at Comic Con overwhelming.

Those warm melting donuts early in the morning, when the crew is walking around giving you plumbers butt.LL Cool J (NCIS: Los Angeles) on what he enjoys about early mornings on set.

I love the government. But seriously, reality TV is so much more economically satisfying.Omarosa (“Life After”) on why she left her low-paying Washington job to become a reality star.

The biggest misconception about me is everything you’ve read about me to date. I’ve been called gay, a freeloader, and even a kept man.Al Reynolds (“Life After”) dismissing tabloid rumors.

My mom was always comparing me to Ed Begley. “Why can’t you be more like Ed?” She’d say.Mario Van Peebles (“Mario’s Green House”) on how his mother guilt tripped him into becoming more eco-friendly.

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