Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Foreshadowings of Fall, Courtesy of Comic-Con

Not surprisingly, notable news about fall fare came flooding out of Comic-Con (along with throngs of thwarted fans who often could not triumph over the long lines and limited seating situations).  Tempting trailers were trotted out!  Pseudo-spoilers sallied forth!

From this distance, fall is looking pretty damn good so far.  For a smattering of the hot headlines that emerged from San Diego (and a few other places), read on:

But Really, Is A Creepy Carnie Gig That Much Of A Stretch For An Ex-Con?

Thank god for for work release programs.  How could traveling carnivals possibly expect to staff up without ’em?  Reform-minded (ahem) baddies like T-Bag can now transition nicely to the outside, thanks to a newly learned work ethic, and some wicked cool makeup.

If you haven’t already eyeballed it, the trailer for Heroes new season looks outrageously promising (get a glimpse courtesy of The Live Feed here).  We knew Robert Knepper could do the slithery villain thing in spectacular fashion, but who knew he’d look even better doing it in eyeliner?  (Bonus:  he’s already been bumped to series regular status for his efforts.)

What’s A Teensy Little Mushroom Cloud Amongst Friends?

Not even nukes could kill Jericho… network cancellation seems like a walk in the park to overcome. Rumors continue to persist that a two hour movie is in the works, according to a story at Sci Fi Wire, where Lennie James weighs in on the persistent prospect of more small-town spy gigs in his future.

Practical Magic

Televisionary offers up a great interview with David Tennant on all the Who-pla surrounding his last hoorah in his most famous role to date.  Beyond the heavy introspection about the Doctor’s swan song, there are also more light-hearted tidbits such as how this Time Lord on the go merged fashion with function to attain that signature look.  “I wanted shoes that would be comfortable to run in,” admits Tennant.

Will Matt Smith also covet comfort above cutting-edge fashion?  ‘What Not To Wear”s Stacey and Clinton would sooooo not approve.

Extra Cool Casting Coups

Dominic Monaghan overcame a plane crash and heroin addiction on Lost.  Too bad he won’t be able to relish those hard-won victories for much longer……seems a mind wipe is in order now that he’s joining the cast of Flash Forward (per The Live Feed).  Meanwhile, Sci Fi Wire offers up news of Terminator: Salvation‘s Moon Bloodgood fighting a different sort of future, as she’s signed on for Steven Spielberg’s As Yet Unnamed alien invasion show on TNT (if these aliens are as ripped as borg babe Sam Worthington, you won’t fault her for doubting her allegiances here, too); and Battlestar‘s Jamie Bamber guest-star stint on Dollhouse (per Sci Fi Wire).

You’ll See Nearly Naked Men!  And, Um, Maybe Learn Something About History?

I09 offers up some of the first images of Syfy’s Riverworld, featuring a nearly naked and fully bound Tahmoh Penikett (oh, and a very blue-hued Alan Cumming, too).  Riverworld is of course based on Philip Jose Farmer’s famous novels of the same name, in which the central protagonists die and then seemingly revive on an alternate Earth populated by every historical figure that has ever lived.

It’s something for everyone!  Especially history buffs!  And people who like to see Tahmoh Penikett mostly naked!  The history departments of assorted universities across the country ought to take note of this bait-and-switch tactic.  Were shirtless studs and babes to take to teaching, surely more history majors would come flooding out of our institutions of higher learning……

Sci Fi/Syfy Snafu Ceases To Stymie Its Successes

As announced at Comic-Con, Syfy has picked up Eureka for a fourth season.  Plus, long-term storage seems to offer up long-term series potential for another Syfy show:  Warehouse 13 is continuing to pick up steam in the ratings as its fourth episode delivered its biggest audience yet (3.3 mill).

And Caprica has been given an official debut date of Friday, January 22.  Undoubtedly, with cyborg backstory and group sex on the agenda, longevity prospects look good here, too.

What?  Did He Really Think He Could Outshine Gandalf?

In an honest interview at Sci Fi Wire, Jim Cavaziel reveals how difficult his work on The Prisoner proved to be……mostly because co-star Ian McKellen is all that and a bag of chips.

As if Gandalf would ever show up with anything less than his A-game….and a Rover.

Morpheus, Meet The Nutty Professor

At SciFi Wire via Comic-Con, it was also revealed that Chuck‘s newfound Matrix-fu abilities are not all they’re cracked up to be, which will surely go a long ways toward reassuring fans that the qualities they’ve come to know and love in their nerdy Neo won’t be forsaken. [Insert collective sigh of relief here.]

And that’s that for this week.

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