‘Sesame Street’ Celebrates Its 40th (!) Anniversary

Doesn’t everyone feel like we grew up watching ‘Sesame Street‘?

Well, Big Bird, Grover, Elmo, Cookie and the gang have grown up too: They turn 40 years old this year! (Does anyone else feel really old now?)

PBS is celebrating the milestone with a 40th anniversary ‘Sesame Street’ special to air this November.

Described as the longest ‘Street’ in the world, the show airs in 140 countries and in millions of households–including the White House.

President Obama commended the show’s legacy in a videotaped segment presented to television critics Saturday morning, as the PBS portion of the TCA press tour kicked off with a breakfast featuring everybody’s favorite fuzzy friends.

Brought to us by the number 40, of course, Obama fondly recalled memories of watching the show with his sister as a child, and with his daughters now as a father, and said the long-running educational series “remains relevant in changing times and remains timeless in the values it instills.”

The big 4-0 will be celebrated with the usual amazing array of celebrities–and will mark a few changes on the block.

Sesame Street Workshop’s Miranda Barry teased that Big Bird may soon be changing his habitat, as well as something that may delight the adults watching along with their wee ones: a ‘Mad Men‘ parody.

What does the critically acclaimed AMC show about scotch, cigars and infidelity have to do with preschoolers?

Barry says the ‘Mad Men’ spoof is an element for the parents to enjoy along with their children, which encourages family viewing.

She also pointed out it’s not the first time an adult-inspired show has hit the ‘Street.’ A few years ago they did a skit called ‘Desperate Houseplants,’ about a plant not getting its needs from the gardener (wink, wink).

The birthday celebration will also feature a commemorative DVD to be released on the show’s actual anniversary date, November, 10th, 2009, the same the day the 40th anniversary special episode airs.

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