‘Ghost Whisperer’ Couple Won’t Have a Creepy Baby

Jennifer Love Hewitt and costar Jamie Kennedy weren’t giving out too much ‘Ghost Whisperer‘ scoop at a CBS event Monday night.

The real-life odd (and oddly sweet) couple was too busy nuzzling at a corner table with their backs to the crowd.

But I still saw them. And they did indulge me for just a moment, as I tried to get them to give up some details on the new season of the show, another year of big changes for the CBS hit.

The most notable shift is the addition of Melinda’s child Aidan, who appears in every episode this year and quickly becomes a five-year-old when the show jumps five years into the future, a la ‘Desperate Housewives.’

But Hewitt isn’t worried about fans reacting in outrage like they did when the show killed off Melinda’s hubby Jim, even if they just swapped him into some other guy’s body.

“I think people will be excited about it,” Hewitt tells me. “The kid is going to have far many more talents than Melinda, so it should make the show very interesting.”

The powerful wee one terrifies his mother, however, “because she doesn’t know what he can see,” explains Hewitt, “and she has no idea how to protect him. She and Eli have to learn what it is he can do–and why–and then learn what they can do to help him.”

“And he’s not going to be creepy,” laughs Hewitt, assuring me the ‘Ghost’ tyke won’t be a bad ‘Omen’ or something delivered out of ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’

“I already did that movie,” interjects Kennedy. “I did a movie with a creepy baby…it was called ‘Son of the Mask,'” he smirked. “So it’s not going to be that.”

Kennedy also jokes that he didn’t do it, even if he is doing it with his costar.

“He [the kid] looks exactly like Jennifer and…David [Conrad, who plays Melinda’s husband Jim],” Kennedy claims.

“We said we should really mess with the audience and make him look like Eli [Kennedy’s character]….” Hewitt teased.

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New episodes of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ return on Sept. 25th.

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