New on DVD: Race to Witch Mountain, The Soloist, Mutant Chronicles & More

by | August 4, 2009 at 6:17 PM | The Movies

The Soloist
Narcissistic journalist Robert Downey Jr. has a life-changing experience when he befriends a homeless schizophrenic (Jamie Foxx) who was once a promising cellist at Julliard.

Race to Witch Mountain
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Carla Gugino have to evade a nasty space bounty hunter help a pair of alien kids return to their captured spaceship in order to prevent a massive invasion of Earth.

Labor Pains
Lindsay Lohan’s latest effort has her faking a pregnancy in order to keep her job and get in good with her boss, and Cheryl Hines is her dopey colleague helping her perpetuate the lie.

The Mutant Chronicles
An ambitious sci-fi saga that premiered on Comcast On Demand now makes its way to DVD. Thomas Jane stars as Major Mitch Hunter, a soldier in the year 2707 leading the human resistance against armies of creepy NecroMutants. Ron Perlman is Brother Samuel, who recruits Hunter and his team in an effort to fight back while the defeatist corporate commander Constantine (John Malkovich) wants to evacuate.

Life is hectic and desperate for Tom and Josh Sterling (Josh Hartnett and Adam Scott), who are struggling to keep their internet business Landshark afloat after the stock market bubble has burst for that sector. Josh is the brains behind the operation, whereas Tom is the smooth-talker who is trying to wrest control of the company back from an apathetic Wall Street investor named Cyrus Ogilvie (David Bowie). Tom’s also trying to fix his relationship with Sarrah (Naomie Harris) and deal with family issues with his father (Rip Torn). But it’s August, 2001. None of it is going to matter in a few weeks.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
Stuck working for his girlfriend (Mena Suvari) and dealing with his mobster father (Nick Nolte), Art Bechstein (Jon Foster) forms an unlikely relationship with a hoodlum named Cleveland (Peter Sarsgaard) and his gorgeous girlfriend Jane (Sienna Miller) which opens up a new world to him.

Also on DVD: Obsessed and Delgo, both also available On Demand today.