Producers Worried About ‘Beautiful’ Star Elle Macpherson’s Acting Ability

It seems as if the health of star Mischa Barton isn’t the only issue of concern behind the scenes of the upcoming CW series, ‘The Beautiful Life.’

Costar Elle Macpherson may be a supermodel, but her acting skills are far from superior, prompting producers to call in an acting coach.

“All the models need to be taught how to act, but the main focus is Elle, because she has one of the biggest roles,” an inside source claims.

Macpherson, who plays a “doyenne of the fashion industry” on the model drama, admits she’s not comfortable on set.

“I have never done television, so I come to the set with butterflies in my stomach,” Macpherson said to reporters this week while promoting the show. “I’m up against these very seasoned actors, and I’m forgetting my lines–I’m not unintelligent–but I do get nervous.”

The owner of a cutthroat modeling agency, her role as Claudia Foster “is the pivotal character in many ways,” says Macpherson, “she is the anchor of these young models, the mentor, because she’s ‘been there, done that,’ and sees through the b*llsh*t.”

Indeed, with 25 years of experience in the industry, the legendary Sports Illustrated cover girl has some advice for the ‘lil pretties just starting out.

“My message to young girls is, if you are beautiful, create something aside from your beauty in your life. For instance, I wanted to be a lawyer. Being a beautiful, attractive woman lawyer is such an ace, but selling beauty alone is a difficult thing to do. Get an education, it’s so important.”

The 46-year-old beauty was less inclined to offer tips on what keeps her looking so stunning, but Macpherson joked that she does have flaws:

“I’m perfectly imperfect.”

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