Kathy Griffin Dishes On The Schmemmys, Boxed Wine

Bawdy and brash Kathy Griffin was in fine form last night at the NBC Universal TCA All-Stars Party, holding court to multiple reporters at a time, dishing on the upcoming Emmy Awards, ‘My Life On The D-List’s‘ boffo ratings, her 89-year-old mother’s fondness for boxed wine and much more.

Hosting the Schmemmys: It’s the last year that you can even have the Creative Arts Emmys. So much like the Primetimes decided to not even televise the writer’s awards anymore, my goal is to somehow do something so shocking that the Creative Arts Emmys just cease to exist for about 10 years until things blow over.

Shocking The Crowd: I haven’t been working on my material yet but I want it to be watercooler talk and also – I’m not even kidding – those are my peeps – the gaffers, the best boys. It’s not live so I can say whatever the f**k I want. They cut it and snip it and then they run it by Ryan Seacrest and his mafia. Then he and Ted Harpert decide what to put on. As long as you can edit the hell outta me, I’ll survive.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Kathy-Griffin%3A-My-Life-on-the-D-List/3775/1205660684/Walk-of-Fame/embed 580 476]

Maggie Will Attend: My mother doesn’t know what she’s in for. She thinks that being an 89-year-old woman who let’s say enjoys a box of wine, she thinks she can just sort of go to an awards show and they’ll start when she feels like it and then if she gets bored it’ll just end. So she has no idea that she’s in for a seven-hour show without water or food, (or wine).

The D-List’s A-List Ratings: You’d think Bravo would want to do some promotion, or maybe an ad right? The D-List is the show that never stops filming. The stuff that was shot in Vegas at Madame Tussaud’s – was shot three freaking weeks ago. Even though the finale is next week. We never quite know what’s happening on our little D-list show.

C-List Bound? The ratings are good. I’d like to think I’m having an a-list moment when they ask me to host the Schmemmys – that feels pretty A-list. I’m actually a darling of the Academy, and here’s why. Because I really care about winning those Emmys, more than anyone. And I do not wanna hear any of Neil Patrick Harris’s crap. I don’t care if he’s hosting the real Emmys – I care more about the Emmys than anyone.

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