Sci Fi Tracker: This Week In Sci Fi – TCA Continues To Fan Those Fall Fare Flames…

Say what you will about those of us who opine about television (words like “moron,” “hack,” and “bottom-feeding pox on humanity” seem to come up quite a bit within that context), but the TCA Awards did reward Battlestar Galactica for its many seasons’ worth of ground-breaking sci fi.  Assorted TCA show panels also fanned the post-Comic-Con fall fare flames; and an upcoming, much-hyped guest-star role on one show in particular proves that monsters and demons are hardly the scariest thing to be hurled out of the dark abyss at genre fans.

We’re still counting the days till fall, but this week provided a few new tidbits to tide us over.  For highlights, read on:

Emmy’s Evasion, Amended

Oh yes they did:  the TCA Awards went where the Emmys feared to tread.  (That covers a lot of territory, granted.)  Nonetheless:  Battlestar Galactica nabbed top honors – namely ‘Program of the Year’ – and True Blood also chomped the competition down to a nub in the ‘Outstanding New Program’ category.

See a full list of winners here at The Live Feed.

It Was An Honor Just To Be Nominated!  Besides, Hooking Up With My Hot Co-Star Was Reward Enough…..

Speaking of True Blood……..yes, co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are engaged.

Whereas most couples keep souvenirs of first date movie ticket stubs, or dried and pressed flowers from that first bouquet, or comparable, more conventional memorabilia, maybe these two can show the grandkids that footage of the first time Sookie sucked on Bill’s appendage (get your minds out of the gutter – it was an arm, as you’ll recall…….which, uh, still wasn’t all that PG in tone……).

On second thought……… nah.  It’s not really a grandkid-friendly show.  Never mind.

Well, They’ve Battled Every Other Form of Demonic, Soul-Sucking Evil……..Why Not The Globally-Branded, Cross-Merchandising Kind?

As reported earlier, there’s much being said about Paris Hilton’s rumored small-screen appearance opposite the Winchester brothers.  E Online first teased threatened that Paris Hilton will be appearing on the upcoming season of Supernatural – and E! declares the top-secret storyline to be “awesome.”  “The fans should trust [showrunner] Eric Kripke,” said an unnamed source within the story.

According to The Sun, Kripke himself is seconding that notion, and one of the show’s writers, Sera Gamble, confirms that Paris is not simply awesome, but “flat-out awesome” for being such a good sport.

Still, thus far, the show’s fans seem largely unconvinced of the inherent awesomeness of it all, and the mind doesn’t exactly boggle at what type of hilarity will ensue.  Will Satan’s lapdog be toting her signature Yorkie?  Can a bit more mileage be squeezed out of sex tape jokes?  Will the heiress predictably proclaim, “That’s hot,” amidst the hellfires of Hades?   Stay tuned.

Fringe Heads In ‘Shocking’ Direction (Says The Guys Who Brought You Spontaneously Combusting Humans, Eviscerated Time-Traveling Serial Killers And Two Peters)

Fringe‘s TCA panel (highlighted by Sci Fi Wire) promises that the show’s Sept. 17 return will indeed deliver not one but two alternate universes’ worth of weird, and that within the opening ep, one character in particular shall “go in a shocking direction at the end.”

(But if this is Charlie they’re beating around the bush about – the same Charlie whom we already know was involuntarily deprived of his series regular status – it won’t be that shocking, right?)

Plus the producers indicate that while Leonard Nimoy has an “open invitation” to appear whenever he likes, sadly he’s only cashed in one episode’s worth of chips for season two thus far.

Stargate’s Whole New (Yet Kind Of Familiar) Universe

Elsewhere, at the Stargate Universe TCA panel (also highlighted courtesy of Sci Fi Wire), Lou Diamond Phillips promised that the latest franchise installment will be the same in some respects (“The Stargate is at the center of it”) but different in other respects (It’s “character-driven” and “also not as much about the hardware anymore.”)

In summary:  it’s still about the giant donut, but mostly it’s about the people coming in and out of the giant donut.

‘Alice’ Hedges Bets With Casino Subplot And Other Stuff You Don’t Normally Find Down A Rabbit Hole

It only feels like Burton and Depp have cornered the upcoming-remakes-about-a-girl-named-Alice market, but as you may recall, Syfy is also putting their own spin on Lewis Carroll’s opium-fueled fantasy.  Sci Fi Wire’s coverage of the TCA Alice panel revealed much about what’s to come for those following this particular junket down the rabbit hole.  It’s a “racier, tougher, sexier” adaptation, according to writer/director Nick Willing.  The White Rabbit becomes less literal, and is now a secret organization.  Oh, and the Queen of Hearts (Kathy Bates) runs a casino.

(Just guessing that a Robert DeNiro cameo was out of the question?  So it’s official: the only guest-star news this week is strictly the appalling kind.)

Which Who’s on First?

I09,  by way of Bleeding Cool, chronicles the tangled web of the off-again/on-again/really-really-on-again Doctor Who movie rumors.  There was rampant, unfettered, bald-faced denial at Comic-Con, courtesy of EP Julie Gardner.  Bleeding Cool thinks that’s all the weirder, then, when outgoing showrunner Russell T. Davies has allegedly signed on to write this Movie That Does Not Exist.  I09 concurs that David Tennant’s non-announcement about how he’ll maaaaaaaaaaaaybe don the Converse-and-pinstripe ensemble once more for the show’s 50th anniversary in 2013 is similarly noteworthy.

And that’s that for this week.

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