Candy Spelling: “I’m A Punchline” On Daughter Tori’s Series

Tori Spelling was heartbroken when her mother Candy did not show up for her daughter Stella’s first birthday party, and all the drama unfolded on her TV series, ‘Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.’

But Candy says that the cameras lied.

“I have been trying and I’m never going to stop trying to reconcile with Tori. I love her. She is my child,” Candy said to OK! Magazine, adding that she did not attend the party because of a misunderstanding. “I sent Tori the [cancellation] email and she opened it at 10:38 in the morning,” she said.

Watch Stella’s birthday party

“I’m a punch line on the scripted reality show and that’s kind of not what I bargained for,” she says about her dislike of the Oxygen series. “I’m telling the truth. It killed me, but that’s what I had to do.” But when asked if she would like to have her own series, she belted out “If it was the right thing and it was scripted, I would do it. I would not let someone follow me around all of the time.  That would make me nuts.”

She was also quick to criticize her daughter’s lifestyle, saying “Everyone is complaining that they don’t have any money now, and here Tori is doing these grand parties. She even rented a house for Stella’s party.”

Check out the Grandma-less drama during the birthday party

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