Paul Reubens Brings Back Pee-Wee Herman

What’s the secret word? ‘Comeback.’

Break out the bow ties! Pee-wee Herman is making a comeback–on the stage that is.

Paul Reubens announced this week that he’s reviving his infamous alter-ago–after a 20-year hiatus–for a stage production called ‘The Pee-Wee Herman Show’ at the Music Box in Los Angeles to run this November.

“I’ve put part of him away for a long time, but part of him has always been here with me,” Reubens tells the L.A. Times. “I think it will be like riding a bike—which is not a bad analogy for Pee-wee, by the way.”

Pee-wee and his bicycle have been on quite a ride over the past 28 years, originating as a theatrical show in 1981, evolving into an HBO special, a Saturday morning children’s show and even a big-screen ‘Adventure.’

Reubens, now 56, admitted that he’s a little worried about hitting the stage again.

“I have some fear that he won’t be funny after all this time. I don’t want to ruin it.”

If Pee-wee and his iconic giggle are still funny, and there’s a good chance of that, can the TV show revival be far behind?

The children’s show (that adults loved) ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse‘ ran on CBS from 1986-1990, and featured big names like Laurence Fishburne as Cowboy Curtis, S. Epatha Merkerson as the Mail Lady and the late Phil Hartman as Capt. Carl.

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