New WTF Gossip Girl, Full House “Reunion” Pics, Jeremy Piven’s Playlist, And More!

Finally: the new WTF (Watch This Fall!!) Gossip Girl trailer is here. OMFG is so 2008.

Turns out Jon Hamm actually had to sit in a tank of water for the Mad Men season 3 promo posters. Talk about WTF.

Look, it’s a Full House reunion! Well, sort of. Check out Kimmy Gibbler!

Curious what songs Jeremy Piven has on his playlist?

Here’s a fun game: If you could, would you kill Criss Angel, or let him live?

Beck has a pretty “solid” interview with Will Ferrell.

Here’s a handy guide to celebrity photo scandals and sex tape apologies.

And finally, in a continued effort to be the coolest cable network around, AMC has acquired the rights to Robert Kirkman’s comic book The Walking Dead.

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