Chris McQuarrie to Write “Wolverine 2,” Can Bryan Singer Be Far Behind?

So we all remember how the story goes. Famed Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer gave us the first X-Men movie, which ushered in the golden age of kickass comic-book movies that we’re still enjoying today. Then he pulled out all the stops to make X2: X-Men United, one of the rare sequels that blew the first chapter out of the water with its action and scope. Then came the great train derailment in which Singer left to try his hand at The Man of Steel only to flounder with Superman Returns. This left the X-franchise in the less-than-stellar hands of Brett Ratner, who had to crank out X-Men: The Last Stand on short notice with unpleasant results (although the money made by these films was nothing to sneeze at). Marvel’s merry mutants struggled to get on track with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which featured Hugh Jackman’s claw-wielding crazy character on his own path, and while the box office was boffo enough for sequel plans even though the whole film was leaked on the internet a month in advance, the reviews were still mixed.

Now, Fox has announced the screenwriter for 2 X-Men 2 Origins: 2 Wolverine will be Christopher McQuarrie, who not only teamed with Singer on The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie, but he also contributed to that first X-Men film as well. Could this be a sign that Singer himself is ready to return to the franchise that he made famous? Dare we dream?

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