Is ‘Mad Men’ Too Good?

Of the few shows considered Elite TV, ‘Mad Men‘ is at the top of its game. It’s a thoroughbred: elegant, sleek, smart and always looks like a winner.

The critically–and pop-culturally–acclaimed series, which kicks off a third season on Sunday, scored a field best 16 Emmy nominations this year.

The ‘Mad’ genius behind the show, Matthew Weiner (‘The Sopranos’), himself racked up four of the five writing Emmy noms. The only other series to slip into the category is another TV sensation, ‘Lost.’

Both shows exude surface cool and run deep in substance, but between the island’s unlucky ‘numbers’ and Weiner’s sheer number of nods, the winner doesn’t seem to be much of a mystery.

Just don’t tell him it’s a sure thing.

“I was thrilled,” Weiner said of hearing the Emmy announcements. “Then my mother called.

She told me I had a 68% chance of winning…she did math to see if I could win! Can you believe that? Now I’m terrified I’m going to lose.”

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Speaking of support of the maternal sort, Jon Hamm’s own grandmother doesn’t dig ‘Mad Men’–and she was sure to tell him about it.

It’s cute that Grandma’s not with the program, but at least, it’s officially stylish to display your adoration of the sixties drama, whether it’s via your wardrobe–or your blog. Have you MadMenned yourself yet?

New episodes of ‘Mad Men’ return Sunday at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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