Emme Defends Kelly Clarkson’s Un-Retouched “Real” Image

Self Magazine was called out this week for a controversial image they featured of Kelly Clarkson.

The cover showed an obviously altered image of the ‘American Idol’ alum – one in which Clarkson’s body was several sizes smaller than she actually is.

Blogs and Self Magazine commenters jumped to offer their critiques, claiming the mag was irresponsible for featuring an image that bordered on the untruthful and unrealistic.

Self Editor Lucy Danzinger appeared on the ‘Today’ show this morning to defend her choice in photos – and Emme, host of ‘More To Love’ responded to her claims. “We love Kelly for the confidence that she exudes from within,” Danzinger explained, but also added that on the cover “you want to capture the essence of you at your best…everyone can love who they are from the inside out, and want to achieve your goals.”

She also added “no one can make you feel bad, only you can feel bad inside yourself.”

Famed plus-size model and ‘More To Love’ host Emme jumped into the conversation, saying that magazines should represent “beautiful, aspirational images, but not all one way,” and called for women of all shapes and sizes to be able to one day grace the pages of beauty magazines.

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