Karl Rove & Rush Limbaugh Will Guest Star On ‘Family Guy’

Rush Limbaugh and former Bush’s strategist Karl Rove will guest star on ‘Family Guy’ next season.

The two will lend their voices to an episode where the family’s very liberal dog, Brian, tires of not having anything to complain about with the Obama administration, and becomes a Republican. He also becomes a fan of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. Both political heads will play themselves.

“‘Family Guy’ tends to be very liberal because it’s written by liberals,” show creator Seth McFarlane told THR. “So we thought let’s give the other side some face time. So we put it out there to a lot of Republicans — ‘we’re doing this show, who wants in?’ — and we got some bites. I’m sure the reaction from some will be ‘you monsters, how could you have Karl Rove on your show?”

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