Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – BSG Gets Re-Imagined (Again), AMC Gets Re-Animated, and Horrible Gets Rewarded

Guess which remake is getting remade – again?  (Hint:  toasters figure prominently, and not the kind that you shove rye or pumpernickel into….).  And guess which remake hopes to trot out some old stars to new effect?  (Hint: Guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, and other small rodents can breathe a collective sigh of relief……at least when sharing a scene with Jane Badler.)  Ahhhhh, but not every upcoming new genre show (or movie) is based upon an old genre show (or movie).  Particularly inspiring is the news that AMC is turning to the undead to breathe some new life into serialized entertainment.

For more on this week’s highlights in televised sci fi and horror, read on:

It Is Not – Repeat, NOT – A Re-Re-Imagining

There’s much ado over Drew McWeeny’s breaking story at Hitfix about how Bryan Singer is pairing up with Universal to do a big-screen Battlestar Galactica.  By all accounts, this would not be a re-re-imagining of Ron Moore’s version.  Rather, it would be an alternate re-imagining based on Glen Larson’s show from the 70s – a task Singer first attempted back in 2001, right before the events of September 11th made people a little squeamish about a dark plotline involving sneak attacks on an unsuspecting populace…..

Many are lamenting that if the 70s series is indeed Singer’s primary source material, that likely means the cylons are just robots.  And not robots that have Tricia-Helfer-shaped jumpsuits in their closets, either.  Awwwww.

On the upside, perhaps Boxey will be back!  (Er….sorry….what’s the upside, then?)

The Ghosts (And Guinea Pig Guzzlers) Of Alien Invasions Past

While Morena Baccarin has staked her claim to the Gorgeous Alien Lady Leader role in the remake of V, in a story at Sci Fi Wire, producer Scott Peters reveals that Jane Badler (the original bad-ass lizard babe with the penchant for guinea pig shooters) might very well be appearing in the update in either an “ironic” or just simply “fun” new role.

Ironic as in… shop owner, perhaps?

As announced at TCA, the V premiere has been bumped up to Tuesday, November 3 on ABC.

Move Over, Don Draper – There’s A New Legion of Ladykillers Coming to AMC…..

AMC kicks it up another notch in its continued bid to topple once omnipotent premium cable kings like HBO and Showtime.  Adding to its original programming roster of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and with that remake of The Prisoner preparing for launch, The Live Feed reports that AMC has also acquired the rights to the Robert Kirkman comic, The Walking Dead.  Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption) will write, direct, and executive produce, with an EP backup posse that includes Gale Ann Hurd (the very same Gale Ann Hurd who can claim three Terminator movies, Aliens, The Abyss, Hulk and a few other producing creds you may have heard of).

A zombie apocalypse drama coming to television?!?!?!?  YES!  (Weird that a legion of undead suddenly seem like a breath of fresh air…….)

Why Two Minutes of Amnesia Will Require Three Seasons’ Worth of Explanation

The Live Feed sums up the latest Flash Forward news, including EP David S. Goyer’s assurances that most mysteries presented in the pilot will be resolved by the end of the first season.

Except for THE mystery.  You know, the one concerning why everyone on earth has a two-minute-ish blackout.  If you want that nagging little question answered, you’ll have to hope (and better yet, tune in…along with everyone else and their uncle) for renewal.

She Won’t Be Quitting Her Day Job

While most struggling actors have a day job that necessitates schlepping food or answering phones, Jamie Ray Newman has one of those dilemmas that most actors (except for maybe Katherine Heigl) would kill for:  she’s going to have to figure out how to juggle lead roles on two different TV series.  Yes – she has bewitched Colin Ferguson’s Sheriff Carter in Eureka, and next she’ll revert to more traditional sorcery, playing one of a trio of witches in ABC’s Eastwick.

In an interview at  Sci Fi Wire, Newman shares that Eureka’s executive producers Jaime Paglia and Charlie Craig have been nothing but supportive about her second job.  (Joking emails about “We hope you get cancelled” aside…….).

Working With Children and Animals Sucks, Claims Latest Vampire Heartthrob

Also over at Sci Fi Wire: The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley apparently wants to live down his “Chicks dig vampires” sound bite from the CW’s upfront presentation days.  So, in the TCA panel discussion, he shifted focus over to the moral conflict inherent in being a “good” vampire.  Then some analysis of what constitutes the ideal vampire physique ensued, because too much talk about moral conflict can be a bummer.  You know what else is a bummer, according to Wesley?  Enduring stuff like makeup application, and “working with children or animals.”

Word.  All those harsh working conditions…  And having to maybe share a scene with a fuzzy duckling, or a cute cherub?  Dude, that’s practically manual labor.  Fortunately, in this gig, Wesley mostly just has to stare longingly at Nina Dobrev.

Hopefully he can suck it up.

A Horrible Hugo

Joss Whedon’s not-so-little online web sensation continues to blaze trails….having driven the Emmys to acknowledge the brave new world of webivision, the Whedon-helmed (and wonderflonium-fueled) vehicle next veered directly into the path of an oncoming Hugo Award.

Congrats to all involved for yet another accolade heaped upon the pile(-up).

And that’s that for this week.

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