Bryan Singer Making “Battlestar Galactica” Movie For Some Reason

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Reimagining the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica series was a cool thing to do when the epic, much-beloved new version of BSG came out on the Sci-Fi Channel (in 2003, back when it wasn’t Syfy) and gave us all the most intensely dramatic sci-fi action we’d been craving. What might not be such a cool thing to do? Reimagining it again only a few months after that revolutionary new series came to an end. Yet that’s what original series creator Glen A. Larson is doing, and for some reason Bryan Singer has taken the helm of the project, quelling talk that he might be returning to the X-Men franchise.

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Singer’s Battlestar would be a feature film, and it would be based on Larson’s original series and apparently not have anything to do with the recent series, which is a wise choice, but it is inevitably going to suffer comparisons to it anyway, and it’s hard to imagine that the film version can compare to four seasons worth of those excellent high standards of characterization and its intricate plotting. So will this new version shed the heavy, relentless tension and drama that we came to appreciate and hearken back to more upbeat and/or cheesy fun space action? Will Starbuck revert to being a man again? Will there be skinjobs or will it all be full-on humans vs. robots? These are all questions we never thought we’d have to answer so soon. So ask we all.

Watch the final episode of the recent Battlestar Galactica series right here.

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