Padma Says She Still Needs To Lose 5 Pounds

by | August 19, 2009 at 2:20 PM | TV News

Padma Lakshmi on 'Today' (NBC)

Padma Lakshmi on

While promoting the new season of ‘Top Chef’ and her latest book, ‘Easy Exotic’ on the ‘Today’ show, Padma Lakshmi admitted it’s not easy for her to stay fit.

“It’s hard. It’s not easy,” the dark-haired beauty told host Matt Lauer as she made a classic Spanish tapas dish. “Right now I have about five pounds to go to lose from my Top Chef weight.”

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But clearly her producers are quite happy with the way Lakshmi looks.

“They tried to get me in one of those showgirl outfits, but I drew the line!” she said about the first episode of the season, when a line of Vegas showgirls prance into the kitchen.

Lakshmi said she stays in shape the painful, old-fashioned way -with exercise. “I box,” she said.

How does she feel about her show’s Emmy nom? “It’s kind of strange!…I’m excited to take my mother. She’s looking forward to it. I’m happy for the show, everyone’s worked really hard.”