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A few months ago we noticed what may have been obvious to our customers, that we here at Comcast Interactive Media (CIM) had built and were maintaining two completely separate TV sites: Fancast and Both had big followings, both had great content and great editors. It suddenly became clear to us that we should merge the two and come up with one MEGA site devoted to TV.

So we did.

Today we are proud to launch the offspring of this notion, Comcast TV on Fancast: a version of Fancast specifically built for the Comcast customer. This revamped site will hopefully be familiar to those of you who have been using Fancast AND new to those of you using’s TV Channel.

Watch TV Online

Fancast users know how this works, but for newcomers – the online TV revolution has arrived. With more than 14,000 full episodes and movies, Fancast is THE best place to watch TV shows and movies online. You can catch up on shows you missed last night, watch sneak peeks of new shows before they air on TV or enjoy classic hits like Gilligan’s Island and Friends. We have shows from all the major networks and we have the web’s best video player for a simple yet high quality viewing experience. If you have not tried watching TV online before, I’d humbly suggest this is the place to go.

Find What To Watch on TV Tonight

We are taking the TV Listings grid Comcast customers enjoy, enhancing it with daily editorial recommendations and carefully maintaining your previously set channel line-up and favorite channels. But we are also placing the TV listings in a newly created “What’s On TV” section. Here we combine the evenings listing summaries with editorial picks and a full list of all the movies playing across every channel. We realize that there are an amazing amount of options on TV each day: this section is designed to help you make the best choice.

The Best TV News Team on the Web

Additionally, with this merger we’re combining our TV experts from Fancast and Not only do they have the contacts to get the latest TV News and Gossip, but they bring the cast and crew from your favorite shows right on to the site where you can chat with them live. We even have the stars themselves blog on our site…very cool ways for you to get access to your favorite actors, writers, directors and producers and quite unique to Fancast.

Our News section is being completely revamped to showcase this great content even better. Not only is there a new look, but new features like easy Facebook, Twitter and Digg integration so you can share with your friends. We’re adding stunning photo slideshows created by our editorial photo team. There are new columns for our top authors and easy access to the most discussed topics of the day.

We hope you love our Comcastic Fancast. As always, drop us a note below to tell us what you think about the new site, what you like and what you think we could improve.

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