Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Marsters Menaces Caprica! Bana’s Butt Spawns Series! And More!

James Marsters. (Getty Images)

James Marsters. (Getty Images)

Fringe’s Nimoy coup remains one for the books, but plenty of other upcoming shows will be displaying their fair share of shiny guest stars come fall.  Plus: will Warehouse 13 have a chance to peddle another season’s worth of supernatural souvenirs?  And is a recent big-screen box office success the real reason for an attempt at serieshood?

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Don’t Let the Terrorists Win! Oh, Wait….It’s Spike?  OK….Maybe They Can Win A Little….

James Marsters has signed on to provide some villainy to Caprica for at least three episodes, “with the potential for more,” reports TV Guide.  He’s slated to play a terrorist leader named Barnabus Greeley.  As if a name like ‘Barnabus’ wouldn’t provide a character with enough internal conflict, he will apparently be further torn between “moralistic and yet carnal desires.”  A horny terrorist with a conscience, in other words?

Marsters is consistently an intriguing presence (particularly with his star turn as the guy who got to suck some serious face with Captain Jack), so it’s likely he’ll bring his envelope-pushing skills to this role, too.

Most excellent casting coup.

Artie Eludes Eviction

Syfy has renewed the lease for Warehouse 13.  According to The Live Feed, consistently positive viewing stats (an average 4 million viewers per episode) are solidifying the show’s place as Syfy’s most-watched first season ever for an original series, which prompted renewal for a second season.

Time Traveler Aims For Weekly Walkabout

Ain’t It Cool News brings tidings of ABC commissioning a pilot for The Time Traveler’s Wife.  No, it’s not all about Eric Bana’s titillating way with time travel, it turns out.  Further details unfurl at The Wrap, where we learn that Friends creator Marta Kauffman and ABC were trying to make this project happen “years” before the big screen version’s box office success.

No word yet on whether Bana’s butt will appear in the small screen incarnation.  (Is it too much to hope for a cameo, at least?)

Austin Green Switches Teams

TV Guide provides the first production shot of (and some scoop about) Brian Austin Green appearing as Metallo on Smallville.  Following an accident (would this happen to involve turning a corner and being shot by a Terminator?), Green’s character becomes “mysteriously outfitted with a heart made of kryptonite.”

Sure, the organ donation program sounds like a good idea on paper, till you wake up and find yourself half cyborg……

Exec producer Kelly Souders indicates that hope (and ingenuity) springs eternal in the writer’s room, where they are trying to come up with ways to bring Green back for extra episodes.

Yes, please.

The Bride Looked Radiant (Or Is That “Mind-Wiped”?) In A Strapless Empire Gown….

Jamie Bamber is heading down the aisle with Eliza Dushku in his guest-starring role on Dollhouse, and I09 has the pictures to prove it.   Bamber plays an arms dealer, and Echo is meant to get to the bottom of all his gun-mongering nonsense….by marrying him?  Huh.  The show is guilty of some unsavory hooker-for-hire undertones, but the wedding probably isn’t meant to offset that particular ick factor.  So, is Bamber playing one of those traditional, family-minded arms dealers who has always dreamed of a white wedding?  Or maybe Dushku just thought that a wedding dress would be a neat costume change.


Supernatural Second Acts

The Ausiello Files pried a few tidbits out of Supernatural creator Eric Kripke regarding which old favorites might be appearing in the new episodes.  The Colt pistol is making a comeback.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan might make a comeback if the scheduling gods smile upon the endeavor.  Alas, backstory surrounding Ruby’s knife is “likely to remain mysterious.”

And that’s that for this week.

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