Hilary Duff’s Special Relationship With Penn Badgley

by | August 22, 2009 at 12:45 PM | TV News

Hilary Duff on 'Gossip Girl' (CW)

Hilary Duff on

Hilary Duff had a great time filming her guest stint on ‘Gossip Girl‘.

“Everyone’s been really, really gracious to me and sweet to me,” she told reporters. “I’m a huge fan of the show.”

How did the onetime tween queen get hooked up with the series? “They called me and said come on and do a few episodes. I jumped at the chance,” she said.

She’s also had a past relationship with one of the hotties of the show, who plays Dan Humphrey. “Blake [Lively] and Penn [Badgley] are really amazing. She’s been so so sweet to me,” she said. “And I’ve known him for a few years. We’ve kind of lived in the same neighborhood in L.A., just growing up.”

Duff will play a character close to her real life persona – a young celebrity who hangs with the rich kids of the Upper East Side.

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