Heidi Klum On ‘Project Runway’ & Donuts

Heidi Klum (LA Confidential Magazine)

Heidi Klum (LA Confidential Magazine)

Project Runway‘ is making itself quite at home in its new network. But things weren’t always so rosy.

The series, which left Bravo and migrated to Lifetime networks, spent some time in limbo due to a lawsuit that hindered the new season.

Heidi Klum explained the new move to Los Angeles Confidential. “They really wanted Project Runway to come on, and the lawsuit put a downer on things for a second, but they’re excited to have us,” she said. “They’re very accommodating, particularly where food is concerned [laughs]. Food is so important when you’re on a set. People are working from seven in the morning to nine or 10 at night, so it makes a huge difference if there’s random mush or something really great. Maybe because I was pregnant, they always had doughnuts.”

Heidi also talked about the reasons behind the move of the show to Los Angeles from New York. “People will ask us, ‘Why L.A.? L.A. isn’t a fashion capital.’ But if you look at the history of American fashion, it started in Hollywood with designers making gowns for all the starlets. Sometimes I joke with Tim [Gunn] that we should do Project Runway on an island. ‘Here’s 15 minutes, now go into the bushes and find whatever you can and make an outfit.’ I picture Michael [Kors] and me, super tan in our director’s chairs and me in a bikini saying, ‘Welcome to the runway!’

Do you like the show better in Los Angeles so far?

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