Rebecca Romijn’s Baby Trouble On Set

'Eastwick' (ABC)

'Eastwick' (ABC)

Rebecca Romijn’s new babies gave the cast some trouble on the set of her new TV series, ‘Eastwick.’

During shooting, the new mom had to adjust to nursing the newborn babes, even if it meant shutting down a scene. “I was about eight weeks out, and I had the babies with me the entire time we were shooting the pilot,” she said during a TCA panel this summer. “Which was great because I never had this anxious feeling of “I’ve got to get home.” I was nursing them, so every three hours we had to stop and take that break.”

The studio even had a code name for when Rebecca desired to nurse. “Zydeco,” said co-star Paul Gross, who plays Darryl the handsome devil. “Rebecca Zydeco.”

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“Which turned into the inside joke on the crew,” said the statuesque model. “The crew members would be like, “I gotta go outside to zydeco myself.”

The stars also explained the origin of the code name:  “I don’t know. Our first AD came up with it. I was fine with ‘nursing’.”

But Paul had a better idea. “I think it was really just to shield the sensitive male,” he joked. “— the male sensibility – is uncomfortable with the idea of nursing.”

Rebecca also didn’t particularly like how she looked in the pilot.  “You know, I have a little bit of a hard time looking at myself in the pilot,” she added, “because I’m like, “That lady just had two babies.” I mean, it’s — for my own vanity purposes.”

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