BB’s Russell On Why He Called Jordan Fat

Russell on 'Big Brother 11' (CBS)

Russell on

On last night’s heated ‘Big Brother,’ an argument between Russell, Jeff and Jordan became so heated that Russell called Jordan fat.

But the fighting and fitness buff doesn’t really think the blonde cutie is fat. He told us during today’s Fancast live chat that he called her the name because “I knew I could make her unravel because she doesn’t like [being called] fat.”

“[It was] just something to mess with Jordan’s head because she is sensitive about that issue,” he said. “I think she is a beautiful girl.”

Watch the blowout between Jordan and Russell

But when asked if he would ever date Jordan, he added “No I wouldn’t. She is not my type.”

What’s his type? “I like strong females with a vibrant personality and intelligence.”

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