‘Rachel Zoe Project’s’ Taylor: “I Adore Brad”

Taylor Jacobson (Bravo)

Taylor Jacobson (Bravo)

The Rachel Zoe Project‘ features the celebrity stylist’s life and glamorous clients. But two of Rachel’s right hand workers are also stealing the spotlight, with their wacky antics and heated arguments; her original longtime styling assistant Taylor Jacobson and newer employee, Brad Goreski.

And if you watched the first season, you know that sparks flew between both stars, mostly due to Brad being new to the job and Taylor being not quite open to the idea of sharing Rachel’s graces – and not being afraid to show it.

“People still say, ‘geez, you were a bitch to Brad,'” Taylor told us while she shuttled between projects. “I was getting Starbucks once, and someone called me an a-hole. I was like ‘uh, okay thanks!’ But other people have been like ‘we totally relate to you, we get it!’ It’s a mixture, really, of responses. Positive and negative.”

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Does Taylor think she was a victim of editing? Or did the cameras really capture her true attitude? “I think definitely we had a really hard time at the beginning. I was not the most compassionate, understanding person by any means,” she told us. “It’s pretty much all true. It was kind of crazy. I should have handled myself better but I still just wanted to keep it moving.”

But thankfully, the team seems to have called a truce. “It was rough, but then we made it through. We learned how to work with each other. And now I adore him. And I think he likes me.”

The assistant, who has worked with Zoe for almost three years, actively pursued the stylist after hearing that she was “a great boss.” But once she settled into the job, she says, working with Zoe became a top priority.

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“I feel like every day I have to stand guard. Because there is a lot of bull that goes on with this job. Unfortunately Rachel sometimes gets the brunt of it. I feel like I always have to be on top of it.”

And what about Taylor’s much-talked about style, which seems a mix of chic hipster sexy? “I would describe it as eclectic,” she said. “I tend to go for more edgy stuff, but I do lady. I like a lady with an edge. Like a great dress, simple chic dress made with pattern, but with a leather jacket thrown over it, and ankle boots with studs.”

So next time you see Taylor at Starbucks, compliment her on her gorgeous boots. Just please, don’t call her any names.

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