Sci Fi Tracker: This Week In Sci Fi – What Do Glau And God Have in Common?

Summer Glau (Getty Images)

Summer Glau (Getty Images)

Glau.  God.  Both big names in their respective fields.  Both will also be featured as recurring characters in the upcoming seasons of assorted fall shows.  And the guest star parade marches on, with a certain big-screen Superman landing at Buy More to do some browsing in the ‘Hot Spy Babes Named Sarah’ section.

Plus:  Sam Raimi’s got a TV deal….but can we expect to see a weekly parade of re-animated hands as a result?

Read on.

The ‘Employee of the Month’ Competition Just Got A Whole Lot More Interesting

According to a story at The Live Feed, Summer Glau will have a recurring role as a Dollhouse employee in those new eps of Joss Whedon’s weekly serial.

Glau’s character reportedly “shares a past” with Echo….but what about sharing that inclination toward multiple personality disorder?  Since the Dollhouse doesn’t adhere to a more traditional Dunder Mifflin type of org chart, and given Glau’s penchant for playing characters with misfiring synapses, the “Does she play a human?” question seems a fair one.  Even more intriguing:  can Glau help bridge the gap between Dollhouse, and dissatisfied Whedonites who haven’t really taken a shine to the Joss man’s latest offering?

Buy More….Kryptonite?

When the third wheel joining your love triangle is Superman, it seems safe to assume that your odds of getting the girl will be drastically undercut…..

EW’s Ausiello Files broke the news that Brandon Routh will appear in Chuck for a multi-episode arc as “a mysterious new spy who takes control as the new leader of Operation Bartwoski.”  Routh’s character will serve as both mentor – and romantic rival – to the titular geek on the go.

Poor Chuck.  No sooner does he find himself infused with superpowers than the Man of Steel himself shows up to upstage him.  Life is funny that way.

Raimi’s Newest Small-Screen (and Spook-Free) Venture

Hollywood Reporter brings news of a two-year, first look deal between Sam Raimi and Joshua Donen’s Stars Road Entertainment and Sony Pictures TV…………although apparently (and sadly) we shouldn’t be expecting an Evil Dead type serial to result from this otherwise promising union.  Mostly because Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures will continue to do the heavy lifting in horror, while the Stars Road endeavor will have “a primary focus on drama.”


Of course, Raimi has proven himself equally adept at creating gore-free fare like Xena, Hercules and Legend of the Seeker, so while the non-horror focus is a bit of a disappointment, maybe a Bruce Campbell star vehicle isn’t out of the question.  (Burn Notice obligations notwithstanding.)

A Budget-Friendly Apocalypse…and God Himself….to Be Featured In Supernatural’s New Season

Sci Fi Wire delivers “everything you need to know” – or at least a hell of a lot – about Supernatural‘s upcoming new season.  As you may recall, the Winchester boys ended last season with the end-all, be-all of mea culpas by accidentally dealing Lucifer a “get out of hell free” card.

Unlike so many other dark-themed, the-end-is-nigh shows that wind up providing mostly apocalyptic foreplay, creator Eric Kripke insists they’ll deliver the goods with a bona fide end of the world scenario…albeit not so much in the big budget, Bruckheimer/Bay sense.  “To navigate a sustainable, dramatic Apocalypse with almost no money is worth going to work for, I think,” opines Kripke.

And while the Winchesters have really honed their demon-butt-kicking skills, can these two mere mortals be expected to combat Lucifer (as played by Mark Pellegrino) without a little divine intervention?  ‘Course not!  Amongst the new characters we’ll be meeting in the new season, you can expect to see God.  Literally.  “God is a character,” Kripke reveals.

Hey, so long as He’s not played by Paris Hilton.  [Shudder.]

Is There A Mad Scientist In The House?

Most of us wouldn’t think to classify House as science fiction……but I09’s Annalee Newitz makes a highly entertaining and inventive case for why we should.  There’s the fact that Hugh Laurie’s lovable curmudgeon does some of his best work in a laboratory (not unlike a certain Dr. Frankenstein), has an imaginary lady friend (not unlike a certain Baltar from BSG), and of course, much of the “science” in the show is of a highly speculative (as in “What if a virgin birth was possible?”) nature.

It’s a fun – and pretty smart – read, so check it out.

And that’s that for this week.

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