Week 8 In The Big Brother House: Rampaging Russell

Russell shook up the house this week. (CBS)

Russell shook up the house this week. (CBS)

Andy Dehnart is covering Big Brother on a weekly basis and checking in regarding all the latest drama in the house.

While the UK’s version of ‘Big Brother’ was canceled this week, the drama in the U.S. house kept ramping up. A relatively quiet week in the ‘Big Brother‘ house turned explosive after HOH Jeff used the veto to backdoor Russell, sending his one-time ally to the jury house.

After Casey’s voice returned to host a banana-filled veto competition, Jeff nominated Russell. Just last week they were in a final-four alliance together, but then Kevin and Natalie were able to convince Jeff and Jordan that Russell wouldn’t keep his word. Jeff bought it, and Russell got mad, leading to an angry fight during which Russell physically threatened Jeff, who threatened Russell right back.

Also this week, the houseguests talked about sex (click here for
a link to the uncensored version
) while Lydia reunited with Jessie in the jury house. Despite promising to confront him,she instead jumped on him and giggled while she playfully punched him.

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The new HOH — click here to see who won the ridiculous s’mores challenge — will have a new power, Julie Chen told us, that’s behind a mystery door in the HOH room.

Full episodes of ‘Big Brother 11’ are on Fancast.

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