Audrina Patridge Talks New Show, Aussie Boyfriend

Audrina Patridge & Corey Bohan (Getty Images)

Audrina Patridge & Corey Bohan (Getty Images)

Audrina Patridge is hard at work promoting her new film, ‘Sorority Row,’ but she’s also giving reporters a peek into ‘The Audrina Show,’ on MTV, coming later this year.

Check out what she told Fancast at a junket this weekend about her very own reality series, her hot Aussie boyfriend – BMX rider Corey Bohan – and how she keeps her cute little body fit.

Can you tell us about your new reality show with your boyfriend?
My boyfriend, I think, will be in it.  We don’t start filming until the end of this year, early next year, but it’s basically about my life, every aspect.  My family will be in it, my close friends – going to auditions and the whole Hollywood life.  It’s not as glamorous as it looks.  It’s going to be a little bit spicier and edgier and older.

Is it a spin-off of The Hills?  What’s it called?
It’s a whole new thing.  Right now, it’s just called ‘The Audrina Show’ but I don’t know yet.  I don’t want to use my name, so we’ll see.

How much time does the show take up?  Your whole day?
It depends.  Two weeks ago, we filmed four days in a row, one night from 2 until midnight, sometimes we’ll film until three in the morning.  Then last week I filmed once for two hours.

Is there anything different about going out with an Australian guy than an American?
Yes.  There are similarities and differences.  His accent is amazing.  Some of the things he says, I go ‘what does that mean?’  He calls gum ‘chewie.’  I was like ‘are you talking about chewing tobacco?’  Certain things like that.  But it’s so refreshing to be around him because he’s so laid-back and stress-free all the time.  He has no worries.

How do you keep fit?
I eat in moderation.  I eat what I want, I just don’t overindulge, and I’m very active.  So it’s all about eating in moderation, just being active – whether it’s going on a walk after dinner or going to the beach and swimming or playing volleyball or running.

Do you feel a lot of pressure to keep the perfect body?
Sometimes I do, but it’s also about genes.  I have my mom’s body, so I’m very lucky.

What about beauty tips?
When I was in high school, I read a beauty tip in one of the teen magazines that whenever you have a pimple, put toothpaste on it, and I still do that to this day, and it still works.  Then a make-up artist told me another trick for the big ones – you get an ice cube and you ice it off and on for 20 minutes, and then you put benzoyl peroxide on it and it goes away the next day.  It actually works.

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