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'Rescue Me' (FX)

'Rescue Me' (FX)

What To Watch Tonight:

Tuesday nights have been jam-packed for me this summer but tonight has me especially pumped up for two big shows: the finale of ‘Rescue Me‘ and the latest episode of ‘Big Brother‘. Granted, these two series are on completely opposite ends of the TV spectrum, but I enjoy both immensely. First, at 9pm ET on CBS, Jeff battles to remove himself from the block on ‘Big Brother,’ after Kevin broke a promise and nominated him for eviction. This show continues to get crazier and crazier (I’d love to meet the people who do the casting for this show, for they are true artists) – and with only five people left, alliances are bound to be broken, names will be called, and I will be loving every second of it.

Then at 10pm on FX check out the season finale of ‘Rescue Me,’ merely the best drama on TV this summer. Denis Leary has been on fire (literally) this season, and Michael J. Fox and Maura Tierney have lit up the set as guest stars, but it’s the camaraderie among the rest of the ensemble cast (Uncle Teddy, Mike, Shawn, Lou) that really makes this show stand out. After the stunning final scene of last week’s penultimate episode, Uncle Teddy is shaken to the core and Tommy is still at his wit’s end dealing with the two women in his life – wife Janet and crazy girlfriend Sheila. If Denis Leary doesn’t get another Emmy nomination next year for this season, something is seriously wrong.

The Perfect Schedule (Tuesday, September 1)

8pm: 10 Things I Hate About You (ABC Family) It’d be hard to find a more surprisingly likable show than this newcomer. Part high school drama, part teen comedy, all heart and smarts.
8:30pm: Ruby & The Rockits (ABC Family) C’mon, you know you want to see what David Cassidy is up to these days…
9pm: Big Brother (CBS) Jeff and Michele are on the block. But most importantly, will sweet but stupid Jordan figure out what time the Power of Veto competition is at? (She can’t tell time).
10pm: Rescue Me (FX) It’s the explosive season finale of the summer’s best drama.

Tomorrow Night:

Tune in tomorrow night at 8pm on Fox for a special airing of ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ which presents the Top 15 performances from all five seasons. Sure, the show just ended, and is due to come back next week for Season 6, but I can’t get enough of the amazing moves, the Hot Tamale train (thanks Mary Murphy), and the unforgettable music. And please, more Travis Wall! (Yes, he was robbed and should have won Season 2.)

Fancast Flashback:

“I’ve never been with anything less than a 9, so fine…” If you know what that line’s from, you were a fan of the good-old fashioned, ’80s series ‘The Fall Guy‘ which starred Lee Majors and the other hottie Heather from that decade (Thomas, thank you very much.) Majors played a stuntman who tracked down bail jumpers on the side. Pure fun, this show will help clear away the summer doldrums until Fall TV kicks off in earnest next week. Watch full episodes of ‘The Fall Guy’ right here.

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