Photo Of The Day: Brian Austin Green As Metallo

Brian Austin Green (The CW)

Brian Austin Green (Jack Rowand/The CW)

Feast your eyes on this: a shirtless super buff Brian Austin Green as Metallo on the upcoming season of Smallville.

Although he might look like a tattooed, greased up Treasure Troll, that giant glowing chest accessory is actually Kryptonite. You know, the stuff that KILLS SUPERMAN. Yikes.

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By day, Metallo will go by his alter ego John Corben, (who just so happens to work at The Daily Planet) and by night, well, just look at his aforementioned green chest and take some guesses.

Although Green’s post-Sarah Connor moves seemed schizophrenic at times, shuffling from CW project to project – “Body Politic?” One Tree Hill? – it’s nice to see him settled in as Clark Kent’s nemesis.

No word yet on how many episodes Green will appear in when Smallville returns September 25th on The CW.

Check out the full size image, below:

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