Audrina Patridge Talks “Sorority Row”

Audrina Patridge may be leaving The Hills for her own new reality series, but she’s got career goals that take her away from that scene entirely. After taking a part in the horror flick Sorority Row, Patridge didn’t even blink when asked which job she liked better. “Movies, acting,” she says, definitively. “It’s more of a challenge and you get to get into character and play someone else.”

How different is actual filmmaking from her work on MTV’s popular show? “It’s like day and night,” Patridge says. “It’s completely different. On the movie, I went to my acting coach twice a week and I memorized all the lines and I really wanted to get into character and focus, whereas on The Hills, you show up for an hour and say what you want. It’s very different.”

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Of course, no one completely believes she’s not acting a little on her show. “Yeah, it’s almost like I’m a version of myself on The Hills,” she admits. “People don’t really see the whole me on the show, but it’s brought so many good opportunities, and I’m very comfortable in front of the camera now, so it’s easy.”

Her work ethic on the set of Sorority Row was praised by her castmates, so she’s not pulling any diva moves. She knows the public perception of her is something she’s going to have to fight against. “It’s hard,” she says. “They stereotype you into that category. So they see these reality stars going and acting like this, and they put you in that category. ‘Oh, they’re like that, so they’re ALL like that.’ It’s something that I’m going to work at, and I am. It’s kinda like climbing that mountain and proving yourself.”

In the film, she plays Megan, a sorority sister who tries to pull a revenge prank on a cheating boyfriend (Matt Lanter) by making him think he killed her with roofies. This involved some fake gross-out puke-up action on her part. “It was baking soda and vinegar,” she says of what she was actually spitting up. “I remember laying back on the bed, and I’d put it in my mouth and Matt would come and we’d start kissing, and there were some points where I couldn’t hold it in and I’d just let it all out. Then we’d all just laugh.”

She’s been working with an acting coach, too, and she says she’s learned a lot. “A lot of my friends, they’re not actresses and they see it in different ways,” she says of her career pursuit. “Being around other actresses, it’s so much easier to open up because you all understand each other. I can play different roles. I can be someone else and really open up. Really just use what you have, even imagining the worst if you have to.”

What other actors would Patridge really like to be around on a movie set? “Michelle Pfeiffer. I’d love to work with her,” she says, eagerly. “Johnny Depp, because he’s so talented and out there in a sense that it’s so interesting. I’d love to work with him and see what his method is.”

Of course, you can’t talk to someone about their new horror flick without asking them what movies in that genre they really dig. “The Exorcist,” Patridge offers. “Mirrors, I just watched and it scared me. Psycho. The Shining. The paranormal ones scare me, because I really believe in that stuff.”

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