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Kristin Kreuk (The CW)

Kristin Kreuk (The CW)

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♦ ‘Smallville‘ cutie Kristin Kreuk cozies up to ‘Chuck.’ And so is Superman himself, Brandon Routh.

Can this double dose of ‘Super’-ness bust the Kryptonite that’s been keeping fans from this kick-ass show?

♦ ‘True Blood‘s’ scrambled ‘Eggs’ is headed into ABC’s ‘Deep End.’ Does this mean the mesmerizing hottie’s number is up in next week’s bloody season finale???

♦ ‘Will & Grace‘ star Megan Mullally will soon be seeing Starz. Can our favorite TV lush save the ‘Party‘?

♦ As if the new ‘Melrose Place‘ needed any more foxes…they go and do this.

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